Privacy Policy

Privacy officer or manager

The information officer for Yonge & Wellness is Sylvia Bianchi.

Collection of Information

We collect only the information required to provide safe and effective health care. We ask for the client's home and cell phone numbers and email addresses so that we may confirm appointments and notify of changes of time or cancellation of appointments. We collect home address information so that we may forward information or receipts when necessary.

Keeping the files

All files are kept in a secure location, and stored as per Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 (PHIPA), Digital files are kept at secure locations with our service provider Janeapp - more information can be found at
Patient files are kept for a minimum of ten years from the last appointment date, as required by RHPA (Regulated Health Professions Act). They are then disposed of by deletion or shredding to maintain confidentiality of information.

Access to files

Only the therapist at Yonge & Wellness who is treating the client, will access the information in the client file. As Health Care Professionals we have a commitment to Quality Assurance. This program requires that we are audited by a Peer Assessor approximately once every five years, and some of our files will be reviewed. Clients have a right to request that their name is concealed for confidentiality during this review.

If information is required by any third party (Insurance Company, Lawyer, other health provider) an Authorization to Release Information will be obtained from the client in advance to release only specific information.

Client Access to Files

Clients have the right to see and read their files at any time upon providing 5 business days notice in writing. The information officer will assist the client in understanding the information in the files. The client has the right to request changes to the personal information in the file if he/she believes it to be incorrect, and the corrections will be made.

In any case where the Information Officer and the client cannot agree on an amendment to the information, such disagreements may be taken to the Information and Privacy Commissioner who may review the situation.

Yonge & Wellness reserves the right to request reasonable payment for any photocopies and administration of information from the file that the client might request.

Communication with Patient

Healthcare Practitioners at Yonge & Wellness will obtain consent to make reminder emails or marketing emails to patients.